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When Outrageous Was Possible

By October 10, 2012No Comments

Petrolicious Takes A Look At Lamborghini's Outrageous Countach

Lamborghini’s famed Countach was one of my dream cars when I was still a kid. First debuting in 1971, it quickly became every man’s dream car upon its release. Jim Chan happened to be one of those guys growing up but he managed to turn his fantasy into reality when he finally acquired a pristine example. The owner of Axis Wheels, producer of some of the finest rims around, Chan is a petrol-head through and through so it comes as no surprise then that he gladly met up with the crew from Petrolicious to talk about his newly acquired supercar and show off its beautiful angular bodywork. Check out the awesome video above and relive “When Outrageous Was Possible”.


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