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I offer services in Web Applications Development using PHP and MySQL. I can create custom CMS and Ecommerce sites using various frameworks. I am very proficient and skillful and exemplify the highest professionalism with each client.

I value my client’s business and their success. More and more people are turning to the world wide web to find solutions for a variety of situations, making the internet one of the best ways to promote what you can offer. I provide a range of services allowing you to maximize your web potential and really make a difference to your business.

Functional Web Development

The success of any website not only depends on a great design but also with the way it works. I create functional codes, use frameworks, develop custom CMS and integrate ecommerce into websites. I am also interested in using different technologies and software. I’m a fast learner and I’m always eager to try out new things.

  • Coding (PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery & CSS)
  • PHP Frameworks (CodeIgniter)
  • Content Management System (WordPress, Custom)
  • Ecommerce Sites

Basic Web Design

I’m starting to develop my skills in web design. Please view my portfolio to see what I can do.

  • Web Design (using Adobe Photoshop)

Planning and Research

Before starting any project, all information needed is gathered from the client in order to build a project plan and time frame. Research and analysis is conducted in this phase of the process. Constant communication and collaboration with the client is also important to ensure a smooth development of the project.

Design and Build

After all the requirements have been set, knowledge from the planning and research phase will be used to start the design and building process of the project. Conceptual designs will be provided and client will be constantly updated with progress. Tests and quality checks are made to guarantee functionality.

Project Launch

When everything is finalized and checked, the project is now ready for deployment. After the project has been launched, final checks are made to confirm that every aspect of the project is working.

Manage and Support

Just because your site has launched doesn’t mean my work ends there. Site performance analysis and maintenance is also conducted to make sure that both you and your users are getting the best web experience possible.

Working as a freelancer also gives me a chance to earn a valuable experience, so if you would consider my services to be useful for you, feel free to contact me.