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Display of inspiration in architecture, interior design and beautifully designed houses

February 3, 2013

Creative studio of Eder Krisztian

Check out this stylish creative design studio of Eder Krisztian designed by Viktor Casp. The 80m² creative studio is situated in the downtown of Budapest. The main activities in the studio are photo shooting and song writing. The aim of the project was to create a space that inspires the artist day by day. On…
July 27, 2011

Beautiful Houses: Casa D in Cuneo, Italy

Beautiful Houses: Casa D in Cuneo, Italy Following Abduzeedo's Beautiful Houses series, I came upon this beautifully designed house. Casa D is a project by Damilano Studio Architects, a firm founded in 1990 by Duilio Damilano. The studio develops a language with a contemporary approach for continuous research in the modeling of architectural forms. Particular…