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Nike Kobe 8 System - "Court Purple"


Since the release of the Nike Kobe 8 shoes, I’ve been wanting to buy a pair but they never released a colorway that I liked. When Nike released the Kobe 8 System “Court Purple”, or Purple Gradient as others might call it, I finally got a colorway that I liked. I bought my pair on the release date (5/11/2013) at a Nike retail outlet here in Cebu. I really like the design of the shoe, especially the details and materials used. It’s very lightweight and fits comfortably in my feet. If you’re a sneaker head or purely just a Kobe Bryant fan, I highly recommend getting this shoe and I hope you will like it as much as I do. Though Kobe and the Lakers are already out for the rest of the season, and with Kobe recovering from an injury, I do hope they will come back next season stronger and a much better team and hopefully this isn’t the last release of the Black Mamba’s shoes.

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Check out the Unboxing and On-feet videos from Exclucity:

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